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BrightWhistle is the platform of choice for hundreds of the nation’s largest hospitals, CROs, ACOs, and other healthcare organizations.

What We Do


Our proprietary social communication platform drives optimal patient behavior to increase EMR and portal utilization and improve long-term outcomes. Our PMI module combines clinical and marketing data into actionable formulas capable of both re-marketing and acquisition marketing.


Targeted social and search patient acquisition and engagement campaigns can be built and executed through our platform. As the world’s only HIPAA compliant technology connected directly to Facebook’s Ads API, our platform can be utilized to build, track and optimize social campaigns.


Online search drives today’s patients to research physicians and facilities before making critical healthcare decisions. Accurate data must be published and maintained across a wide variety of directories. Our platform makes this process simpler and easier to manage and maintain.

Who we serve


Health systems need innovative strategies to increase patient volumes in their high-value service lines. Through targeted patient acquisition and engagement campaigns we drive organic service line growth in local, regional and national markets.


Many health systems are transitioning from volume-based to value-based payment models. Patient engagement is essential to meet MU2 guidelines, improve care plan compliance and potentially reduce readmissions.


Companies charged with getting important pharmaceuticals to market must be able to target and acquire exact-fit candidates for any clinical research project in any location, reducing time to trial and minimizing drug development delays.


Our Agency Partners take full advantage of our proprietary technology. With full access to the BrightWhistle platform, they can provide their healthcare clients with the same level of service and results enjoyed by our direct clientele.



Patient acquisition remains the cornerstone of revenue growth for most hospitals. Our solution targets prospective patients with the highest propensity to convert to quality patients.


Our platform allows health systems to continue growing fee-for-service volumes while acquiring attractive members for at-risk programs, thus reducing the risk of revenue erosion within these systems.


Optimizing important directories used frequently for research can serve simple purposes for patients such as providing accurate directions and more complex purposes like assisting with decisions on which facilities and physicians to choose.


More clinical trial participants can be acquired for less marketing expense which means life saving drugs get to market more quickly and more lives are saved.

How We Do It

Platform to Technology

Who We Are

The BrightWhistle team works together to provide the most innovative solutions to the healthcare industry. With offices in Atlanta, Birmingham and New York, we are committed to connecting patients with the best resources for better outcomes.


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At BrightWhistle we set the bar high to be the best at what we do. We take our work very seriously but never ourselves. Join our team as we continue to grow our innovative, fast-paced, healthcare technology focused business.

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